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Catholic School
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Principal's Note 10/18/16

The pace of the school year has certainly picked up.  

Here's what's going on next week: 

  • It's the final week of the 1st quarter. The final day of the 1st quarter is Friday, Oct. 28. 

  • It's Red Ribbon Week, a week to educate children about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. 

  • The week ends with the annual Halloween Parade (1 pm) and 8th grade haunted house on Friday. 

  • We switch to summer uniforms on Monday, Oct. 31. That means students cannot come to school in shorts and sneakers for regular days. They must wear their PE pants and jackets on PE days. 

If you are a parent and haven't been to SJB's Halloween Parade, try to make arrangements to come. Wearing their costumes, the students parade around the parking lot with parents standing in the middle.  Tomorrow, the principal's costume will be announced once the students' votes have been counted. I will be there as the Cat in the Hat, the Scarecrow, Where's Waldo, or as a hippie. 

Before the fun starts, there's a lot of work left to do. Students in the upper grades have tests, quizzes, and reports in a relatively short window of time. We have emphasized organization and time-management with students with weeks like this one ahead in mind.  

We know that some students are balancing school work and outside activities, and those students won't have a lot of free time over the next week. We also understand that, when tests must be taken and reports must be written, students become uncomfortable, even anxious. Our teachers are doing their best to prepare the students by giving them clear instructions, opportunities to clarify confusion, and their support.  

Teachers have explained to the upper-grade students that it's natural to feel discomfort about the amount of work they face in the final week of the quarter. The challenge for students is working through the discomfort, going over the same math problem three or four times until it is understood, overcoming initial failure through effort -- in other words, showing growth. 

If you haven't made a habit of checking the parent portal, now might be a good time, especially for parents of children in grades 4-8. The portal shows homework, quiz, test and project scores for students in grades 4-8 and pending assignments for all grades. 

Uniform Allowance

The SJB uniform code has not allowed students to wear low-level socks on PE days. From now on, students will be allowed to wear no-show or low-level white socks on their PE days. Or, they can wear crew socks. 

No Logo Rule 

While making this allowance on low socks, we will enforce the no logo rule on shirts, sweaters and socks. We don’t allow logos because we don't want children to feel pressured to wear, or parents to feel pressure to buy,  status clothing. Some athletic socks cost $20 a pair.  If we open the door to one swoosh, we also open the door to the customized $20 pair of socks.  

Solid white socks are not difficult to find. If students are wearing logos, except for the SJB logo, they'll receive a uniform violation on Monday, Oct. 31. If they receive three violations, they will have to serve detention. 

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