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Principal's Note 10/25/16


Halloween Activities 

Our annual Halloween Parade is set to take place this Friday after lunch. The students’ costumes will be judged by the Student Council, and after the parade there will be games and activities planned by the 8th graders and supervised by teachers. 

Students may come to school out of uniform and change into their costumes at 12:45. Parents, you are welcome to help your child with his or her costume prior to the parade. Please check in at the school office first. We hope you will be there to cheer on the kids during the parade. 

Parade Guidelines 

The parade begins at 1 pm. The students loop around the blacktop with the spectators in the middle. If the weather is bad, it will be in the gym. The forecast is for rain on Thursday but sunshine on Friday. 

Children should be able to walk unassisted with their costumes in place. 

No one should be made to feel excluded by multiple costume plans (those involving 3 or more boys or girls). Students may not bring toy weapons or dye their hair. 

Because of the parade, parking will not be available on the blacktop. Please park at the Lyon Center, along the fence closest to White Oak Middle School, or along the side of the school driveway (where the dumpsters are) to Lima Street. 

Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule 

Please review the parent-teacher conference schedule (attached and included in the folder). If you have a scheduling issue, you will need to find another parent to agree to a switch. Please see the back page for instructions if you would like to schedule an additional conference with a non-homeroom teacher or with me. Remember, there is no school for students on conference day. The Book Fair will be open during the conferences. Please see the Gold Folder webpage to read the letter about the Book Fair. 

Report Cards 

The 1st quarter ends on Friday. Our plan is to post report cards on the Parent Portal on Wednesday and to send report cards home next Thursday and Friday. We will not know until after this Friday how well this will work. The report cards are also part of the new Parent Portal system. We cannot post or print them until the grades have been loaded. We will post an update on report card distribution next week. 

Tuition Payments Must Be Current To Receive Report Cards 

This is a parish rule. Please make sure that tuition and After Care payments are current. Report cards will be withheld until all accounts are in balance. 

A First For the Gold Folders 

Mrs. Khiel asked me to thank the students and their parents for returning their Gold Folders last week.  This is the first time in Mrs. Khiel's memory that 100 percent of the folders have been returned on time. Way to go, parents and students! 

Manage Your Kids' Time Online 

If your children have access to electronic devices, you might consider helping them manage their online time. 

 Get the Parent Portal Phone App 

Go to your phone's app store and search "Rediker." The school name is sjbsilverspring. You should be able to log in to your account.   Automated notifications can be set to come daily, weekly, or monthly on the Parent Portal. Log in to your account to set your preference or turn off notifications. 

Reading without Distraction 

There's been lots of research about effective --- and ineffective --- ways for children to learn. Here's a conclusion that has been reached again and again: Children show higher comprehension and remember more information when they read or study in silence than when they read or study with background music or background noise. 

This has been proven to be true for young children and for college-age kids, for extroverts and introverts, against classical as well as pop music. It is true that music can have a calming, positive effect on a child before the child begins homework. But when learning begins, silence is golden. 


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