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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
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Principal's Note 5-16-2017


Our annual May Crowning ceremony will begin at 10:30 am on Wednesday morning with a silent procession of students from the school to the church. I always get a powerful feeling when I see the long line of students in blue and white shirts as they walk in silence holding flowers. All are welcome to the May Crowning ceremony. Parents are welcome to take pictures of the reverent procession. 

It has been a custom for parents to send flowers to school with their children. Nothing fancy – a single flower from your garden would be perfect.  

After the May Crowning we will arrange flowers for Mary's altar in the front hall. We could use a few extra hands to help place flowers into vases.  Just come to the front hallway after the ceremony, and the flowers will follow. 

Also, just a reminder, we will all try to remember to wear blue or white shirts tomorrow.

Thank You, Teachers!

I want to say thank you to our teachers for all that they do for the students. Through their hard work, they uphold the quality of SJB. Through their kindness, grace and mercy, they set the standard for behavior toward one another. The students pick up on the tone set by the teachers. They are exactly the kind of people that I would want my own children to be around.

Thank you to all of the parents who have shown their gratitude during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Hours after dismissal, Mrs. May and Mrs. Dalton prepare 3rd grade lessons. 

Teachers on Friday Afternoon.JPG

Spring Sing and Band Concert Begin at 1:30 PM on Thursday

Students in Kindergarten through 4th grade will sing before an audience of parents on Thursday at 1:30 pm. This year, we are trying something new by combining the Spring Sing and Band Concert. The concert will start with our 4th grade beginning band, followed by Spring Sing songs by Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade. Our 5th-8th grade Advanced Band will play next. For one song, the 3rd grade and 4th grade students sing while the band plays. I must warn you that its extremely difficult not to sing along.

MakerSpace in Library 

For  the last two weeks, students in grades 1-7 have participated in various STEAM-related Makerspace activities. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics. origami.JPG

A huge thank you to Mrs. Dalmolin for opening the library to Snap Circuits, 3D Coloring, Coding, Tin Foil Boats, Drawing, and Origami.  A huge thank you to the students for their enthusiasm and creativity! Here's the Photo Album from Makerspaces.

 SJB Artwork to Appear in Arts & Activities Article  

Artwork from five Fourth Grade students, along with an article Mrs. Leishear wrote, has been published in the June issue of the nation's leading Art Education magazine. The write-up in Arts and Activities is about a jungle collage, inspired by artist Henri Rousseau, that the students did in art class last year. Congratulations to the published artists: Alex Brioso (top, pg. 16), Izzi Amador (bottom, pg. 16), Natalie Ionata (top, pg. 17), Amera Edoro (pg. 17), Madison Taylor (pg. 17).

Arts Article.JPG

Here's a link to the article in Arts and Activities.


SJB Seussical

Thank you to everyone who helped with the production of Seussical and to all of the parents and relatives who came to the show. The performances by the students were brilliant. Thank you, Mrs. Williams, for your excellent direction. Thank you, Mrs. Nancie Tassara, for scheduling and coordinating the rehearsals, communicating with parents and taking care of many of the logistics.

Thank you, as well, to the Trebels for handling all of the photography. To view photos on the links below, use the password sjbsspa$$

Cast Photos: 

Please feel free to share them with friends and family.  Contact Kim and Kevin Trebel (301-622-1755, if you have questions. 

Reminder Children should not be dropped off in the morning or picked up in the afternoon at the Lyon Center.

Remember Items for Ms. Moore's WV Trip

Ms. Moore, our former principal, brings items for the poor in West Virginia each June. If you have anything to donate, place your items in the gym stairwell near the front doors to the school, and Ms. Moore will load them onto her truck for the trip in June. Bathroom supplies are always in demand. Clothes, linens and towels are needed, too.

Friday Lunch Grill Benefits Next Year's 8th Grade


Thank You, Ruby, Principal of the Day

Principal for Day.JPG


Final Exam Schedule for Grades 5-7






Wednesday, May 31





*in afternoon


Thursday, June 1





Friday, June 2







Monday, June 5





Tuesday, June 6





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