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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
12319 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 | 301-622-3076

How Do Catholic Schools Compare?

National Assessment of Education Progress 2022

Oct 2022 test score coparisons.JPG

From the Wall Street Journal 
Oct. 29, 2022

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Catholic Students Outperform Public Students in Technology and Engineering 

 A study by the National Assessment of Educational Progress found that 8th grade Catholic school students fared better than public-school students when they were presented with real-world scenarios involving technology and engineering challenges. 

Tech and Engineering Proficiency.JPG

 To read the full report, go here.  The summary can be found here.

Catholic Students Perform Better on the College Admissions Test

Catholic students score an average of 45 points higher on the math portion of the SAT, 43 points higher on the reading portion of the SAT, and 53 points higher on the writing portion of the SAT, according to the 2016 College Board Report.

Catholic school students in 8th grade perform 12 points higher in math, 20 points higher in reading, 14 points higher in technology and literacy, and 17 points higher in history, geography, and civics when compared to 8th graders in public schools, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), better known as the Nation's Report Card

Catholic school 12th-grade students score an average of 20 points higher in math and 26 points higher in reading, according to the report.



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