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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
12319 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 | 301-622-3076

Admissions Timeline

Timeline for 2022-23 School Year Application

1st Step -- Completing the Application

Applications open on November 1. Applications are free. Applications are done online on TADS, the school's admissions-enrollment management system.

School Records Release Form -- Complete, sign, and upload the Release of Information Form 19, which is part of the application on TADS. We send the completed form to your child's school with a request for school records. It takes about a week for the records to arrive. The release form is not necessary with preschool applications.

Birth Certificate -- This must be uploaded on the TADS application. 

Immunization Records -- This must be uploaded on the TADS application. 

Applications are reviewed after application requirements are met. Acceptance notices begin to go out on January 12.

2nd Step -- After Acceptance -- Registration

The acceptance notice from TADS will include instructions on paying a registration fee and enrolling your child for the school year. Please complete the enrollment information carefully. If you have more than one child, you must enroll each child one at a time.

3rd Step -- Tuition Agreement

After registering, complete a parish verification form and send it to the school so that the school can determine the tuition rate. The parish verification form must be completed each year for Catholic parishioner assistance. On March 14, tuition payment options will be sent to families in emails from TADS. The tuition payment options can be accessed directly through your account. Select a tuition payment plan and submit it on TADS by April 15. There's a fee if the agreement is submitted late.

Enrollment is complete when the tuition payment agreement has been submitted.

If your child was accepted after the registration and tuition agreement deadline...

After receiving the acceptance notice, there will be a two-week period for paying the registration fee and selecting a tuition plan.


Dates for Tuition Payment Agreements

Start: Monday, March 14

End: Friday, April 15





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