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After Care

Drop-in service has been eliminated for the 2020-21 school year. The 2-day-per-week plan has been eliminated, as well. The changes are required to maintain student grouping, required throughout the school day at SJB to prevent potential student cross contamination.

More details will be provided soon.


SJB After Care

What is After Care?

SJB provides a safe, consistent, structured after-school program of play and study. 

What are the Hours of After Care?

  • 3 to 6 pm on regular school days
  • 12 noon to 4 pm on half-days

How do you sign up for After Care?

Parents may sign up for an annual plan for their child by Sept. 1. They will be billed monthly for the annual plan. To register, parents must pay the $30 After Care registration fee on TADS and complete the After Care sign-up form.  

How are families billed for After Care?

Families receive monthly invoices.




 Days Per Week

Annual AC Rate   / Sibling

Monthly AC Rate  / Sibling


5 DAYS  

 $ 3,075.00           /          $2,306.25

 $307.50         /           $230.62


4 DAYS  

 $ 2,900.00           /          $2,175.00

 $290.00         /           $217.50


3 DAYS  

 $ 2,505.00           /          $1,878.75

 $250.50         /           $187.87


Early Bird

 $2,000                 /          $1,750

 $200             /            $175





Early Bird -- 5-day plan for children picked up before 4 pm each regular school day and before 1 pm on half-days

Let's say we join the 3-day-per-week plan. When do we have to choose the days that our child will go to After Care?

By 6 pm each Friday, parents must email the After Director with the days that their children will use After Care the following week.

How do I contact the After Care Director?

The email address of the AC director, Comfort Mingot, is

Are we required to pay the After Care registration fee on TADS and complete the sign-up form?

Yes, the registration fee is collected through TADS. The Sign-Up Form is sent to the school office, notifying the program director of your plan.

Will we receive invoices reminding us to pay our bills?

After Care billing invoices will go home in the weekly Gold Folder after the 1st of each month. Payment is due by the 20th of each month. The billing-payment schedule will stay posted on this page, and the invoice and payment dates will stay posted on the SJB calendar.

Is After Care available on Saturdays or on weekdays during vacations?

After Care is not available over the summer, during vacations, or on weekends. The purpose of After Care is to provide after-school supervision only.

Is there a fee for picking up our child after 6 pm?

There is a fee for a late pickup -- $1 per minute. Please try to make arrangements to have your child picked up by 6 pm.



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