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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
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After Care


SJB After Care

What is After Care?

SJB provides adult supervision in a consistent, structured after-school program of play and study. After school begins right after the school bell rings for 3 pm dismissal. Lower-grade students enrolled in After Care meet in Kindergarten. Upper-grade students meet in the Art Room.  Attendance is taken, and then the children enjoy a snack together as they get ready to go outside to play. If it's raining, they go to the gym to play. After a period of play-time, the students come back to the Kazista Center -- where the Art Room, Library, and Kindergarten are located -- for a quiet time of study and homework. The children will return to the playground or gym if there's time. It depends on the child's grade level and amount of homework to do.

What are the Hours of After Care?

  • 3 to 6 pm on regular school days
  • 12 noon to 4 pm on half-days

How do you sign up for After Care?

Parents may sign up for an annual plan for their child by Sept. 1. They will be billed monthly for the annual plan. To register, parents must pay the $30 After Care registration fee on TADS and complete the After Care sign-up form.  

How are families billed for After Care?

Families receive invoices on the 1st of the month and are expected to make their monthly payments by the 20th of the month. Parents are asked to make a check payable to St. John the Baptist and to send it to the attention of the After Care Director in the school office by the payment due date. 

Here's the After Care billing schedule.




 Days Per Week

Annual AC Rate   / Sibling

Monthly AC Rate  / Sibling


5 DAYS  

 $ 3,075.00           /          $2,306.25

 $307.50         /           $230.62


4 DAYS  

 $ 2,900.00           /          $2,175.00

 $290.00         /           $217.50


3 DAYS  

 $ 2,505.00           /          $1,878.75

 $250.50         /           $187.87


2 DAYS  

 $ 1,875.00           /         $1,406.25

 $187.50         /           $140.62


 $40 DAILY        /  No Sibling Rate


Early Bird Special -- SJB offers an additional early-bird special. It's a 5-day-per-week annual plan for children who are picked before 4 pm each regular school day and before 1 pm on half-days. The cost is $200 per month. 

Let's say we join the 3-day-per-week plan. When do we have to choose the days that our child will go to After Care?

By 6 pm each Friday, parents must email the After Director with the days that their children will use After Care the following week.

How do I contact the After Care Director?

The email address of the AC director, Comfort Mingot, is

Why is SJB raising the daily rate and trying to steer parents toward an annual plan?

SJB reviewed After Care rates of neighboring Catholic schools and chose monthly and daily rates in lines the other schools. The $40 daily drop-in rate is reduced to $20 if child is picked up by 4:30 pm on a regular school day or by 2 pm on a half-day.

Are we required to pay the After Care registration fee on TADS and complete the sign-up form?

Yes, the registration fee is collected through TADS. The Sign-Up Form is sent to the school office, notifying the program director of your plan.

Will we receive invoices reminding us to pay our bills?

After Care billing invoices will go home in the weekly Gold Folder after the 1st of each month. Payment is due by the 20th of each month. The billing-payment schedule will stay posted on this page, and the invoice and payment dates will stay posted on the SJB calendar.

Why are payments required in advance?

SJB requires monthly-plan payments in advance so the income is included in the annual financial report of the parish and school to the Archdiocese. The fiscal year ends June 30, complicating bill collection for June services. With an accurate representation of income, the report is a positive financial reflection of the school.

As a result, the drop-in rate is charged daily starting June 1. Payment of $40 -- payable to St. John the Baptist -- is expected by pickup time each day that After Care is used in June.   SJB manages the After Care program with a small staff. Please pay on time so that children may continue to enjoy the service.

Is After Care available on Saturdays or during vacations?

After Care is not available over the summer, during vacations, or on weekends. The purpose of After Care is to provide after-school supervision only.

Is there a fee for picking up our child after 6 pm?

There is a fee for a late pickup -- $1 per minute. Please try to make arrangements to have your child picked up by 6 pm.


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