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Preschool to Grade 8, apply here.

St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
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Gold Folder/ School Activities

Thank you, Catholic Business Network!

Last year, the Catholic Business Network awarded more than $1 million to local Catholic elementary schools and students.

A truly grass-roots charity, the Catholic Business Network was started by a few Catholic men and women in Montgomery County who wanted to give back some of their good fortune to the Catholic schools that helped form them.

They pooled money and gave it to students who needed it for Catholic-school tuition. This grew into the Catholic Business Network, which is much larger (with almost 100 members) yet still local to Montgomery County and focused on Catholic schools. 

Each year, when the CBN gives students scholarships, the business leaders ask the students to remember to give back to the Catholic schools when one day they are in a position to help.

The CBN has both individual and corporate memberships. Members meet for monthly breakfasts, special Masses, presentations by speakers, dinners and events including the annual gala.

Our school and our families have been helped by the network's benevolence. A grant went to preschool renovation costs. Two students, Sofia Tassara and Nicholas Hippchen, just won $1,500 scholarships in the 8th grade essay contest.

awards cbn.JPG

 The Catholic Business Network 


SJB Students Offered $228,000 in Merit Scholarships

We are both proud and humbled by the impressive recognition of our 8th grade students in the form of high school acceptances and scholarship offers.

Four students were accepted by Elizabeth Seton High School. Scholarships of $66,000 were offered. 

Six students were accepted by St. Vincent Pallotti. National Merit Scholarships of $28,000 were offered. 

Eight students were accepted by St. John’s College High School. Two students were offered the presidential scholarship and entrance into the De La Salle Honor Program. Total scholarships of $32,000 were offered. 

Five students were accepted by DeMatha High School. Merit scholarships of $20,000 were offered. 

Five students were accepted by the Academy of the Holy Cross. One student was offered a scholarship of $20,000. 

One student was accepted by Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.

Two students were accepted by Gonzaga College High School.  

Nine students were accepted by Our Lady of Good Counsel. One was offered the $50,000 St. Francis Xavier Scholarship. Three were invited into the Xaverian Honors and STEM programs. One was offered a National Merit Scholarship of $20,000.

The tentative total of academic, merit scholarships to the 27 members of the SJB Class of 2019 is $228,000.

Beyond the Catholic high schools, one student from SJB student was accepted to the following schools:

Richard Montgomery High School (magnet program)

Springbrook High School

Blake High School

Northwood High School

Please contact the school office ( to request more details of 8th grade high school applications. 

Enrollment & Registration Questions 

Final Steps in Enrollment

  • March 31  -- Returning Families Complete Registration To Guarantee Placement
  • April 12 -- Parish Verification Forms Submitted for Catholic Rate

                      -- Forms Submitted to Request Parish Tuition Assistance

  • May 1 to May 31 -- Families Select Tuition Payment Plan

                                      -- $100 Fee Applies After May 31


Registration, enrollment, and tuition are done on TADS.

Registration must be completed by March 31 to help the school set enrollment for the 2019-20 school year. We want all of our families to return to SJB. If you are thinking about leaving, please contact me so that we can discuss your concerns. We want our families here to be happy with the school, and we want families seeking Catholic education to know about the opportunities at SJB.

After completing enrollment, there is one step to go. You must submit a tuition payment plan. In early May, you will receive a tuition payment plan email from TADS. If you don't receive the email, it may have gone into your junk mail. Or, you can log directly into TADS and go to agreements.

You will need to choose your tuition payment plan by June 1 or you will be charged a fee of $100. If you miss the June 1 deadline, you must submit your tuition payment plan by June 15 or you will be charged a fee of $150.

Please call the TADS parent support line (612.548.3320 or 800.477.8237) if you have questions about your TADS account. Phone calls are answered by real TADS representatives, not an automated voice system.

Hours: Monday–Friday from 8 am to 9 pm 

Go Here for Spring Play Practice Information

There's now a separate webpage for spring play practice schedule and news about the play. You can find it by going to the Gold Folder page on the website and selecting the spring play dropdown. It has the updated schedule..

Go Here for Summer Camp Information


Here's the order form. 

SJB Athletics Needs Sports Commissioners and Athletic Director

Please see the SJB Athletics information bulletin about the volunteer jobs that must be filled to carry on SJB sports.

Please see the spring sports guide, as well.

SJB Athletic.JPG

Morning Drop-Off Reminder

Our morning drop-off procedure is designed for safety of children and efficient flow of traffic. Please note that cars should be arriving in the main school parking lot from one direction -- Lima Drive -- and not from the direction of New Hampshire Avenue. Thank you, parents, for cooperating with us.

do sjb cropped.JPG

After dropping off children along the gold line, parents may park in the lot and walk up to join their children as they wait with their classmates for the 8 am bell.

  Apply for PreK Today

Space is getting tight in Pre-Kindergarten.

We want to make sure that every willing parish family and school family is able to send their child to Pre-Kindergarten.



Don't Wait for an Email Notice

Homework assignments are typically posted each afternoon by 4:00 pm without any email notification to parents.

An email notice went out with assignments on our old online homework and grading system. With our previous system, one teacher posted the assignments for each grade. With our current system, the Parent Portal, each teacher posts assignments and class information. 

For example, the "unit ahead" information gives an overview of the topics that students will be studying over the next few weeks. It may list the chapters they'll be reading, problems they'll be solving, projects they'll be doing, tests they'll be taking. The unit ahead information is posted on the class summary page.

To see the class summary, log in to the Parent Portal. At the top of the SJB website, there is a sign in prompt that will take you to the Parent Portal.  When you are on the Portal, look for your child's name and then look for a Classroom tab to the right. If you don't see a Classroom tab, select "More..." and then you should see the Classroom tab.

After selecting Classroom, select the name of the class from the drop-down list, and then select Class Page. You should see a Portal page with the Class SummaryAnnouncementsFiles, and Links.

Here is an image of an 8th grade student's social studies class summary page.

8th social studies (1).jpg


Home Access to Educational Websites

Parents, did you know that you and your children have subscriptions to several educational websites? The website list and home access information can be found on the Rediker Parent Portal under School Links and Files. Through the SJB Library, the school provides access to BrainPOP, World Book, Scholastic Go!, CultureGrams, SIRS Discoverer, and IXL Math and Language Arts. There are two files -- one for home access and one for school access.  World Book is an online encyclopedia for the children, parents, and teachers. SIRS is part of the ProQuest research database, and CultureGrams provides information about the 50 states and places in the world. BrainPOP provides academic enrichment in all subjects.


Lunch Duty SignUp

The lunch-duty signup link can be found on the Volunteer page and on the School Lunch page.

Here is the direct link to sign up for lunch duty.

Just follow the link, select an available date, select an available classroom, and then sign up for the open slot.

There's no need to register.

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SJB Athletics is on Facebook. Visit and "like" the SJB Athletics Facebook page to receive more timely information about registration, events and opportunities to participate in SJB Athletics. 


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