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Spring Play

Rehearsal Schedule

Here is the schedule for play practice. The schedule is posted online and updated periodically, but the link doesn't change. In addition, Mr. Shillingford has posted the information on the parent portal. When the schedule is updated, Mr. Shillingford notifies parents and teachers. The schedule below was last updated on March 19.


April 3, 2019

Dear Lion King Students & Parents,

On Wednesday April 10 we will be taking Cast & Ensemble Photos. Here is a reminder of what you need to bring:

Lionesses – All black shoes or flats + black leggings (Shirt will be given)

Hyenas – All black shoes + black pants + grey or black long sleeve t-shirt.

Grasslands – All black shoes or flats + black pants or leggings (Shirt will be given)

Prideland Animals – All black shoes + black pants or leggings + black long sleeve shirt.

Wednesday April 10 will also be an extended rehearsal and we're arranging for you to be excused from your last period so that we will rehearse from 2:05pm - 4:30pm. (Regular pick up time). 

 If you have any questions, let me know.


 Mr. Shillingford

Music Teacher

Lion King collage.JPG

Date                    Scene                                  Cast Members




Lion King To Play at SJB Theater May 2 & 3

There will be a full-dress-rehearsal on Wednesday, May 1, at 1 pm. The 1 pm matinee has been a great opportunity for many grandparents to see the play. Prime-time shows are Thursday and Friday, May 2 and 3, beginning at 7 pm.

Many staff members are helping with the production. They include Mr. Shillingford, music teacher; Ms. Herritz, 4th grade; Ms. Sarah, Kindergarten. 

Letter from Mr. Shillingford, Lion King Director

Dear Lion King Jr. Students & Parents,

Please take a moment to review the updated rehearsal schedule. In an attempt to be as organized as possible I've created color-coded Cast & Ensemble Roster where students can view their name and the rehearsal days that they are needed as well as their attendance so far. If you notice a discrepancy between the Schedule and the Roster, please let me know. Please try your best to let me know in advance if you are unable to attend a rehearsal but remember that it is each student's OWN responsibility to catch up and learn what you've missed. You may be omitted from scenes if you are unable to memorize the music or choreography in time.

Lion King Jr. Schedule - updated 2/15 Please note the changes

Cast & Ensemble Roster - contains each student's name, character & rehearsals required. 

Students who were in Grassland/Hyena Ensemble, please take a careful look at the Roster as I have divided the ensemble into two separate groups. I will also like to give fair warning that as we look into costuming, sizes, costs, and balancing the voices of ensembles, I may still have some switching around to do.

5th Grade Students/Parents - Please look for your name on the Roster or this Cast & Ensemble List  and note the rehearsals that you are expected to attend. I will hand out the Behavior Expectation Forms at Tuesday's Rehearsal (or they can be collected from me at any time). Please sign and return the first page of this form after reading it.

As a reminder to all students, you MUST be able to maintain your grades, be attentive and follow directions during rehearsals and be on their best behavior at all times. If teachers express that involvement in the play is affecting your school work/grades, or that your behavior during school has been unacceptable, I will not allow you to participate in the show and parents will be notified of this decision.

PARENTS: These e-mails and links to roster, calendar, rehearsal links etc. are all listed on each student's Rediker Portal in the group "Lion King"; Please direct them to check these links if they are unsure about rehearsals. These links will have the most up-to-date information, and I will update and inform you all accordingly of any major changes. I would like students to be more responsible about when their rehearsals are and not have to bombard the office with calls home.  More information to come on parent committees for those of you who are willing and able to help with the play (i.e. Costumes, Props etc). 

If you have any questions or have any issues in accessing the links feel free to contact me. 


Mr. Shillingford (
Music Teacher
Saint John the Baptist Silver Spring

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