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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
12319 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 | 301-622-3076

Start of School Info

TO:      Families of SJB                                        DATE:  August 2019

FROM:  Brian Blomquist, Principal

Back to School Dates

  • Pre-K Open House, 5-6 pm, Wednesday, Aug. 21
  • Buddy Family Picnic, Field 6:00 pm Wednesday, Aug. 21
  • New Parent Orientation, Library 7:00 pm Wednesday, Aug. 21
  • Kindergarten Open House, 11 am to noon, Thursday, Aug. 22
  • First Day of School, 8 am to 3 pm, Wednesday, August 28 
  • Back to School Night Community Reception, Church Courtyard, 6:30 pm Thursday, August 29
  • Back to School Night Prayer Service and Classroom Visits, 7 pm Thursday, August 29
  • Half Day and Back to School Liturgy, 10:45 am, Friday, Aug. 30
  • Back to School Barbecue Picnic 6:00 to 9:30 pm, Friday, Sept. 6

School Store and Uniform Bank

The school online calendar lists the dates and hours that the School Store and Uniform Bank will be open.

Full-Day & Half-Day Schedule for First Week 

Wednesday, Aug. 28 -- Full Day K-8,  Half-Day for Preschool, 12 Noon Dismissal

                                     After Care 3-6 pm

Thursday, Aug. 29 -- Full Day K-8, Half-Day for Preschool 12 Noon Dismissal

                                     After Care 3-6 pm

Friday, Aug. 30 -- Half-Day Preschool through 8th Grade

                                 12 Noon Dismissal

                                  After Care 12 Noon to 4 pm

School Hours

  • Full Days 8-3                          After Care 3-6
  • Half Days 8-12          Half-Day After Care 12-4
  • Morning Care  7-8

Important Links 

Student Supply Lists
Summer Assignments
Parent Handbook
Child Protection Certification Information 

SJB Sports


Tuition is paid through TADS, a tuition management system

$9,500     Non-Catholic K-8

$8,400     Catholic K-8

$8,650     Catholic Preschool

$9,750     Non-Catholic Preschool

Multi-Child Discounts

Two Children             $600 discount for each child 

Three Children          $1,000 discount for each child

Four Children             $1,200 discount for each child


$150    Book & Technology Fee (per student)

$175    Activity Fee (per family)

$50      Capital Fund

$150    Lunch Duty Buyout

$250    8th Grade Graduation Fee (per student)

$70      7th Grade Field Trip Fee (per student)

$165    6th Grade Outdoor Education Fee (per student)

$10      Directory Fee (per family)

Preschool Fees

$20 Morning Snack for Preschool

$35 Milk Fee

$35 Technology Fee

Tuition Assistance -- Archdiocesan assistance application deadline will be in December.  Catholic parishioners must complete Parish Verification Form each year to receive the Catholic rate. 

Explanation of Fees
  •  Activity Fee ($175 per family) covers playground, cultural arts, school pictures, calendar, yearbook and expenses associated with other activities
  • Book & Technology Fee ($150 per child) covers curriculum and technology needs
  • Milk Fee ($35) is automatically charged for preschool students. Milk must be provided to each preschool student according to state requirements.


  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers are taken from the information entered by families on TADS. The directory is distributed during the first week of school.


  • See Order Form. Milk will be served on day one.
After Care
  • Regular hours: 3-6 pm   Half-Day Hours: 12-4 pm 
  • Available the first day of school
  • Registration: $30 per family paid on TADS. 
  • Complete Sign Up Form and Return to School Office
  • No After Care on half days before vacations: Christmas Vacation (Dec. 19), Easter Vacation (April 17), Summer Vacation (June 13)

 After Care Plans


 Days Per Week

Annual AC Rate   / Sibling

Monthly AC Rate  / Sibling


5 DAYS  

 $ 3,075.00           /          $2,306.25

 $307.50         /           $230.62


4 DAYS  

 $ 2,900.00           /          $2,175.00

 $290.00         /           $217.50


3 DAYS  

 $ 2,505.00           /          $1,878.75

 $250.50         /           $187.87


2 DAYS  

 $ 1,875.00           /         $1,406.25

 $187.50         /           $140.62


 $40 DAILY        /  No Sibling Rate



Health Inventory and Immunization Forms

  • Must have been completed and uploaded on TADS, or immunization form must be downloaded, completed, and sent to the school office


  • Flyers are enclosed. For pictures of school uniforms, go to the uniform page of the website.
  • To buy girls' jumpers, skirts and other items, go to Flynn O'Hara. Tel: 1-800-441-4122 or 301-838- 8958. When ordering online, click on “Your School Store,” log in and enter “St. John the Baptist.” Our particular plaid uniform will show there. Students may wear the polo shirts and sweaters without logos or with SJB logos.
  • SJB logo polo shirts and sweaters can be purchased through Lands’ End at 1-800-469-2222. The SJB Preferred School # 9000-7988-0.
  • PE uniforms are sold by A1 Uniforms, 1-800-334-2205, 4010 Volta Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20722. Group password: THEBAPTIST  
  • The Uniform Bank is a great way to pick up extra uniforms to get you started. Call the school office to make sure someone can open the Uniform Bank for you. 


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

 Arrival -- Morning Drop-Off

do sjb.jpg

Dismissal -- Afternoon Pick-Up

Pickup Dropoff.jpg

Arrival -- In the morningPreK children should be dropped off from the Lyon Center parking lot near the door for the PreK. All other children may be dropped off in front of the church or in the mainparking lot along the left side of the yellow line that runs parallel to the school. All students must arrive by 8:00 AM. Students will assemble in the following areas:  

  • Kindergarten—on the porch in front of the library 

  • Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 —in the courtyard formed by the school & church 

  • Grade 5—at the exterior classroom door 

  • Grade 6 – near the side of the building at the bottom of the front steps 

  • Grade 7– along the windows outside Room 7 

  • Grade 8—on the frontporch

There is supervision from 7:50 AM until the 8:00 AM bell. If it is raining,students in grades K-7 will go directly to their classrooms. Students in grade 8 will wait on the front porch. 

For their safety, students arriving prior to 7:50 AM may be directed to Morning Care.  

Morning Class Gatherings (2).jpg

Dismissal -- PreK children who do not have older siblings in the school or who are not part of a carpool with older students are picked up from the Lyon Center lot. PreK children with older siblings or in a carpool with older students are escorted to main parking lot for pick-up. All other children must be picked up in the main parking lotat dismissal.Children (PreK-8) maynotbe picked up in front of the church or (K-8) from the Lyon Center parking lot.Cars should be parkedalong theyellow line parallel to the school and in subsequent parallel lines facing the Kindergarten and Library. 

Students are supervised on the side of the lot from 3to3:15PM. At 3:15 PM, children are moved to the front porch, where they are supervised. At 3:20 PM, children who have not been picked up are sentto After Care. 


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