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SJB School has reached full enrollment for 2023-24.

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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
12319 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 | 301-622-3076

Pandemic Policies & Guidelines

Travel -- St. John the Baptist recommends that travelers follow CDC travel guidelines.

Quarantine Update For Students

  • 10-day quarantine with an option to be released after day 7 if the county health department receives a negative PCR test, taken on day 5 or later, and the student is continually asymptomatic.
  • 14-day quarantine remains for preschool students


More than 90 percent of SJB students come to school in person -- May of 2021

Distance and In-School Learners Feb. 1, 2021


Distance Learners 

In-School Learners
































    67 or 30 % 

    156 or 70% 

 Figures as of Feb. 1, 2021

School Operations Guidelines 2020-21

Plan & Policies - Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington, with Letter from Secretary, Updated March 5, 2021

The operations plan for 2020-21 was approved by a 20-member SJB committee, the Catholic Schools Superintendent of the Archdiocese of Washington, and the Montgomery County Department of Health.

Below is the 3-part video and slideshow presentation:

Principal Talks About School Plan (Video)

SJB Plan Video Part 1  (Slideshow PDF)

SJB Plan Video Part 2 (Slideshow PDF)

SJB Plan Part 3 (Slideshow PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

List of Resources Family, School, Health 

Maryland no longer has travel restrictions.

Students wear masks at recess

Students are expected to follow two essential safety rules at all times: 

  1. Wear masks
  2. Stay six feet apart
Even at recess and during PE, students must wear masks. A student may remove a mask only when a teacher has given the student specific permission to remove it. Students may ask the adult supervising them if it's OK to take a mask break. A teacher may allow a mask break if it's safe according to the following conditions:
  • students are outside
  • students are seated or still
  • students are spaced more than 6 feet
  • students stay under the supervision of the teacher who gave permission 

Students may not make their own determination that it's OK to remove a mask.

Morning screeners follow guidelines

Here are the guidelines followed by staff members who take student temperatures each morning:

Temp High.JPG

Signs or Symptoms

Decisions must be made

SJB Covid Decision Tree.JPG


When A High Temperature is Taken -- Screener Guidance 

Reopening Messages

Principal's Note 9/29

Principal's Note 9/22

Principal's Note 9/15

Principal's Back to School Night Video Message 

Updated Response to NBC4

Response to NBC4

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Travel Letter for Families

Middle School Presentation

In-School & Distance Tallies by Grade 


School Store Price List

Main & Market Lunch Ordering

Milk Form

Order SJB Face Masks

Isolation Room Flow Chart Student or Staff with Suspected Symptoms

Summer 2020 Coronavirus Communication

July 22 Letter from Principal on Reopening Plan for 2020-21

July 22 Letter from Principal in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Amharic

July 12 Update

Reopening Team Plan

June 1 Update

 Secretary's Reopening Letter

May 25 Update 

May 15 Update 

Secretary's Letter May 15

May 5 Update with Tuition Info

April 24 Update

Secretary's Letter April 24

April 19 Update

April 6 Update

March 27 Update

March 27 Secretary Letter (English)

March 27 Secretary Letter (Spanish)

March 25 Update

March 20 Update


March 17 -- The teachers and I are proud of our students for the positive spirit they've shown in unprecedented circumstances. Teachers began sending remote learning plans last Friday, and some students began to feel overwhelmed with all of the assignments arriving at the same time.

In one grade, students formed a group chat to talk about strategies for tackling the workload and ended up adopting a time-tested, low-tech solution: dividing the work into chunks and spreading it out over several days in their weekly planners.

In another grade, students in the group chat delegated one student as the group's representative. The student is in charge of going to the teacher with questions from the group and then reporting the teacher's response back to the group.

Aladdin cast members have been rehearsing online for the spring play.

Mrs. Leishear has already received more than five pictures of works of art that students have completed since the closure.

Character reveals itself in challenges. We couldn't be more proud of the character our students have shown during this difficult time.

Keeping Up Our Spirit at SJB 

You may be stuck at home but let’s keep our SJB community connected! Join our virtual spirit week and send your photo to to be featured on our social media!IMG_0432.JPG

School Building Closed

The school building will be closed to everyone, including teachers and office staff, after Tuesday, March 17.

Bishop Gregory has ordered all archdiocesan schools to be closed to everyone except cleaning crews, maintenance staff, and principals.

Updates on School Closure

We promise to provide families with updates on the closure plan as soon as we know them. The current plan is for closure to last through March 27. An announcement of an extended closure would come from the SJB principal as soon as the decision has been made. The announcement will be communicated by email and text. Consultations are ongoing among Montgomery County Catholic school principals and with the state health department and Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington.

Your Art Teacher Has Some Great Ideas

 See This Guide for Art Activities

color wheel.JPGleaf art.JPG

more art.JPG

 See This Guide for Art Activities

Online Mass Offered During the Coronavirus Shut-Down

The Archdiocese has a coronavirus information page

Friday, March 12

Dear SJB Families,
St. John the Baptist Catholic School will be closed until March 27 to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
Student learning plans in math, reading and writing will be shared with parents through the Rediker parent portal by 3 pm tomorrow, Friday, March 13.  Also, the building will be open tomorrow from 8 am until 3 pm for parents to pick up books and materials from classrooms. There is no school tomorrow for students because it is a professional-learning and planning day for teachers.
The closure period is March 16-27. During that time, all activities are cancelled, the school will be thoroughly cleaned, and the building will be locked. 
Teachers have been preparing remote learning plans for your children and will continue to work on those plans tomorrow. We ask that you support your child's learning by providing a structure environment and consistent daily learning time without distraction. We know that the closure will have a big effect on our working parents. Our decision to close was not made easily, but we did so at the request of Governor Hogan and because our priority is the health and safety of the children and staff. 
I have asked our teachers to use the parent portal to keep you informed on what will be an ongoing remote learning plan. I will keep you informed with regular updates on school developments. 
Please continue to take preventive measures under the guidance of the health department. Inform yourself with reliable resources. Please look out for each other and pray for each other, as we at St. John the Baptist pray for all of you  -- our wonderful families.

SJB Infection Prevention & Response Plan 

The SJB Infection Prevention and Response Committee recommended a three-step coronavirus plan.

SJB currently is on Step Three -- closing until March 27 -- to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

  1. Step One -- prevention. The school continues to follow good-hygiene practices recommended by SJB health professionals.
  2. Step Two -- If the virus spreads into our area, SJB will take additional preventative measures under step two. The school will begin to seek parent support and cooperation for stronger anti-infection measures.
  3. Step Three -- If confirmed COVID-19 cases occur in our community, the school may close voluntarily for a week or more. A decision to close could come at the request of the state or county health department to prevent the spread of the virus. Step Three focuses mostly on ensuring that student learning occurs throughout a closure.

 Prevention Practices

  • Wiping down classroom surfaces in the morning and before lunch 

  • Wiping down all school surfaces, including handles, each night
  • Reminding children to wash hands frequently and thoroughly 

  • Explaining to children that they may not touch or physically contact each other 

  • Reminding children that, if they must cough or sneeze, to aim into the crook of their arm (inside of the elbow) 

  • Redirecting students when they touch their own faces

  • Informing the school office if a child has symptoms or signs of illness (cough, fever, trouble breathing)

  • Requesting that parents retrieve children with symptoms or signs of illness
  • Informing school office of low supply of disinfectant wipes 

  • Asking parents to send in a table napkin or place mat (disposable or take-home) for their child's lunch
  • Spreading desks so that there is more space between children
  • Seeking parent cooperation in keeping children home from school when they are showing signs or symptoms of illness
  • Seeking parent cooperation in retrieving children who show signs or symptoms of illness at school
  • Seeking parent cooperation in notifying the school when their child has been in contact with anyone with the coronavirus illness or with anyone who has traveled to any of the following countries: China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy

Contingency Preparations

  • Teachers select standards that would be best suited to distant learning plans.
  • Teachers plan and prepare four weeks of learning for students in the event of an extended closure. All teachers have received e-learning expectations. 
  • Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade would be assigned reading and would work mostly in packets provided by the teacher.
  • Students in grades 3 and 4 would have a combination of packet work, readings and responses in their Wonders textbooks, and online assignments and practice.
  • Students in grades 5-8 would have assigned readings in textbooks and online assignments, which would be submitted digitally and assessed.
  • In preparation, parents would check their access to the Parent Portal, which would become the primary avenue of communication during a closure. 
  • The school would communicate its decision by email and text and would, if possible, give parents time to retrieve notebooks, folders and textbooks from the school.
  • The school would provide parents with a plan for consistent communication throughout the closure.
  • The school would explain the ramifications of a closure decision. The facility would be off limits to extracurricular activities, and parents would be discouraged from assembling groups of students.

The prevention and response plan could change with developments.

The Catholic Schools Office is holding regular conference calls with principals to share information. School officials are in communication with state and local health departments.

There are two ways that we envision St. John the Baptist making a decision to close:

  1. SJB would make the decision based on local exposure to the virus.
  2. SJB would follow a decision by Montgomery County Public Schools or the Archdiocese of Washington.

Our parish pastor, Father David, and the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington have been consulted and continue to monitor the spread of the virus and communicate with the school on next steps in prevention and response.

At school, the students have heard a calm, consistent message from teachers and administrators. 

Here are the committee's three essential resources:

Committee Members:

Father Cezary -- associate pastor

Anna Damiano -- school delegating nurse, parent 

Karen Lanni – parent, physician 

Anne Irwin -- technology director, middle-school teacher, parent

Jeanine Regan -- pre-K teacher, parent, room-parent coordinator,  

Georgine Baugher -- school secretary 

Kathleen Morris – vice principal, middle-school teacher 

Doreen May -- guidance counselor, 3rd grade teacher 


March 6

Dear SJB Families,

I've attached a letter from William Ryan, secretary of education of the Archdiocese of Washington, regarding the announcement by Governor Larry Hogan that three Montgomery County residents have been quarantined with the coronavirus (COVID-19) after contracting it overseas. 

We continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidance and direction of the Maryland Department of Health, the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, Montgomery County Public Schools, the Catholic Schools Office, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

If you learn of anyone in your family who has contracted COVID-19, please contact the school office and your local health department. Please understand that federal law protects your privacy under HIPPA.
We request that anyone who has traveled or travels to a high risk area, as determined by the Center of  Disease Control and Prevention (China, Italy, Iran, or South Korea), contact the school and the county health department for instructions prior to departure and before returning to school or work.
Our nighttime cleaning crews are making it a priority to clean hard surfaces including desktops, door knobs, light switches, handrails, keyboards, and water fountain.
We are reminding children that they are to avoid touching each other. They are not allowed to share food or drink. We also are placing more distance between them in the classrooms. Our teachers continue to work on remote-learning contingency plans.

The following resources are designed to help parents talk with their children about COVID-19, so I am offering them here. 

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - A Parent Resource

Hable con Sus Hijos Sobre el COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Un Recurso para Padres

St. John the Baptist is committed to providing a safe learning environment to your children. We will continue to seek the guidance of local health officials, and we will continue to pray for the health and safety of our children and our SJB community. 

Letter from Secretary of Catholic Schools

Feb. 28

Dear SJB Families,
I am writing with information about the coronavirus and how the school and Archdiocesan schools are preparing for the potential spread of the disease into our area. 
I've attached a few documents so that you have the best possible sources of information: a letter from Secretary of Schools William Ryan to all parents in Catholic schools, a Coronavirus Resources Guide, and a Coronavirus Update prepared by the SJB Health Office. 
At SJB, a committee is working on a contingency plan while teachers continue to follow good-hygiene practices from peak flu season a few weeks ago. Among the committee members are the school's delegating nurse, a parent-physician, and the associate pastor. Within a week, we will have the essential steps of a plan including the continuation of student learning in the event of a possible school closure, tighter restrictions on students with signs of illness, and methods of communicating the plan to families.
Our plan is being formed in consultation with the Catholic Schools Office, which has its own coronavirus committee, the Centers for Disease Control, the Maryland Department of Health, and Montgomery County Public Schools.  
We recognize the importance of investigating and addressing this critical-health issue. We also recognize the importance of maintaining a sense of perspective and calm. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Maryland remains at zero.  It's our hope that, in the end, there will have been no need to activate our well-developed plan at all. Until then, we will pray for the health of our students and their families and prepare to take action.

Secretary Letter

SJB Health Room 


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