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SJB School has reached full enrollment for 2023-24.

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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
12319 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 | 301-622-3076

Principal's Note 10/11/17

Almost a year ago, we began exploring how our parent-school leadership structure could better meet the needs of the school community.

At a joint meeting of the Home School Association (H.S.A.) and School Advisory Board (S.A.B.), I proposed that we improve our efficiency by combining our two parent-school organizations -- the H.S.A. and the S.A.B.

Under the plan, the school board (S.A.B.) would work with the principal and pastor to determine the school's needs and goals, and the Home School Association (H.S.A.) would raise money to meet those goals.

The general idea was to get the most out of our parent volunteers and to make well-informed school-improvement decisions.

The proposal received a positive, initial response from SJB parents. Many parents at the meeting agreed that implementing the plan would require more work.

Several parents, including the leaders of the School Advisory Board and Home School Association, agreed to serve on a committee that would work on writing details of the proposal and present it to SJB parents at the H.S.A. meeting in October.

The Transition Committee has been working for several months on the plan and is ready to present it to parents. The plan will be the topic of the H.S.A. meeting on Monday, Oct. 16, at 7:30 pm in the school library.

In an effort to keep our community informed, we have created a webpage on our school website with information about the plan. 

We ask that you look over the information about the new school leadership structure. Our hope is that you will support the proposal, just as the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington and Father David, our pastor, have supported it.

Under the proposal, the School Advisory Board would have open monthly meetings, similar to the current H.S.A. meetings, and the H.S.A. would continue with its community-building activities such as International Night.

Information about the plan, including any updates, will be posted on our school website. We've included a timeline for approval and descriptions and responsibilities of members of the new school board. If you have questions, send them to, and members of the transition team will do their best to answer them.

Rediker Tips 

The ParentPlus and StudentPlus apps are available for iOS and Android. Search "Rediker" in the App Store and the apps show up for download.

They are a good way to view scores, homework, and directory information. The school name to register is sjbsilverspring 

Parents, you can set your settings to receive summaries of your child's scores. These summaries are sent directly to your email.  

Out of Uniform on Thursday

Students may come to school out of uniform tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 12) with a suggested donation of $1 to $2 for hurricane relief. Last month, SJB raised more than $650 for hurricane relief efforts. The Student Council would like to top $1,000.

Halloween Parade Time Change

The SJB Halloween Parade is scheduled to begin at 12:30 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 31. This is always a spectacular show on the SJB lot.

SJB Art Shines

Student artwork went up across the top of the school hallways earlier this week. The art addresses our school theme this year: "Come to the Table."




Mrs. Leishear, our art teacher, put up the art over the weekend. She also notified parents of some of our students that their art is being published in a respected arts publication. See the spread from the November issue of Arts and Activities.

Arts Magazine Article.JPG

Here is a link to the online issue, and here is a pdf version that you can download and save.

International Night 2017 

We had a big turnout for International Night, with great spirit from the parents and the children. 

IMG_3960 (1).JPG

We wish to thank our organizers: Jeannette Barberena (Kristian 5th, Branden 3rd and Audrina PK), Mrs. Liz Castillo (Sofia 3rd, Ariana PK) and Mrs. Laura Pifer. They did terrific work planning and coordinating International Night.

Mrs. Barberena says "thank you" to all of the families that participated. Here is a message from Mrs. Barberena:

I greatly appreciate the following families who displayed their country tables: Argentina-Lisa Conlon and family, Bangladesh-Rosemary Gomes and family, Nicaragua-Honey Monge and family, Honduras- Liz Castillo and family, Jamaica- Ann Harvey and family, El Salvador-Rocio Quintanilla and family, Ecuador-Pam Nazir and family, Vietnam-Dang family, Nguyen family, Ober family and all the families that participated, Philippines- Amador family and Margiotta family, South Korea-Janice Hwang and family, Ethiopia-Anteneh family, Makonnen family, Hail- Michael family and all the families that participated, Guatemala-Hilma Chavez and family(Eddy Vasquez 6th grade), Peru-Karind Brioso and family, Italy-Carmen Jenkins and family, USA- Ionata and Branch families and Zambia-Jean Freeman and family.

To all the families who helped with the Parade of Nations- The Entire Pre-K class and their families, Mrs. Jeanine Regan, Mrs. Diana McPherson, Mary Ann Jones and the Scouts (Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts) for carrying the American Flags during the parade.

To the Nazir family, our emcee for the evening and new 2nd grade family. (Royce Nazir, 2nd grade) who sang and break danced for all of us.

Principal Mr. Brian Blomquist, Kim Trebel for taking great pictures throughout the evening, Mrs. Tifford and the SJB 8th grade band, Sra. Patty Galan, George Barberena, Mary Lombardo, Pamela Charles, Castillo family (providing the deejay).

All the families who wore traditional clothes from their homeland. Families who stuck around to help clean up, and all the kids who carried a flag, danced on stage and participated in this event. THANK YOU!!

If I missed a name, please forgive me and know that I am very grateful to all who participated in this incredible, SJB community fun-filled event. 

First Communion and First Confession 

Parents of children who are ready for First Communion and First Confession must remember to register by November 21. Students receive sacramental preparation in their regular religion classes in school, but they must register by completing the white registration cards, which are available in the parish office. Also, the cost is $40 for each sacrament for a total of $80 for Confession and Communion. Please remember to return the white cards to the parish office by November 21.

Children In Need of Baptism -- If your child has not been baptized, please email L.J. Milone, the Director of Faith Formation, to register for classes during Lent leading to baptism at Easter. His email address is

Participate in SJB Service  

Complete the form below to participate in our fall service projects including the October drive for the St. Camillus Food Pantry.

Volunteer Solicitation.docx

st camillus food.JPG

Half-Day Lunch Grill - The 8th grade will host a lunch grill on Friday 10/20 at noon dismissal.  Arrive a few minutes early for pick up and grab your lunch to go or bring a blanket/chair and have lunch on the lawn!  We will be grilling hot dogs, turkey dogs, and burgers.  $5 Meal deals include chips, water and a dessert. If your child is in Aftercare, you can send them with lunch money, and the After Care staff will assist them with their purchase. Enjoy the first grill lunch and support our 8th grade - all proceeds benefit the Class of 2018 graduation activities - Thanks for your support!

Grill Lunch.JPG

SJB Athletics Will Have Parents' Night Out on Oct. 14 

Please see the flyer on this fun weekend evening event.

Parents' Night Out.JPG


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