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SJB School has reached full enrollment for 2023-24.

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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
12319 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 | 301-622-3076

Principal's Note 4/24/18

This week only... the SJB production of Mulan Jr. 

Spring Play Showtimes

7:30 pm on Thursday, April 26

7:30 pm on Friday, April 27

Tickets may be bought at the door.

$5 Students

$8 Adults

$5 Seniors

There will be a full dress rehearsal -- or matinee -- of the show at 1 pm on Wednesday, April 25. This is a good opportunity for grandparents to watch the show.

Reminder: All cast members should bring their black or navy pants and black shoes for the performances on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Two-Hour Delayed Start on Friday

School will start at 10 am on Friday, April 27. However, Ms. Schwab and Ms. Hennig offer morning care from 7 am to 10 am for $8 per hour (cash only on this date).

Auction & Gala Raises $15,000

Thank you for your support for the gala and auction on Saturday night. Many parents came and enjoyed the fun, Vegas-themed party, and many others supported the school by bidding on auction items. 

If you won a basket or a certificate, you should have received an email notice. Many items may 

Thank you to everyone who supported our gala and auction -- and helped the school -- especially coordinators Anne Thomas (Cici 6th) and Kelly Brown (Eleanor 5th). We will send a more thorough note next week thanking the many other volunteers who helped.

The money raised will help the school meet needs for wireless equipment, language arts curriculum, chrome-book-style devices, and tuition assistance.

Lunch Duty Signup

If you have had trouble logging on to the lunch duty signup page, please contact the school office, and a new email invitation will be sent to you.

Spring Sing 

Fables & Friends.JPG

Spring Sing is May 2 at 1:30 pm in the Gym

Students in grades 2-4 are asked to bring the following with them to school for the day of the play:

·      Black/navy shirts (long or short sleeve) 

·      Black/navy pants or leggings (no skirts or dresses please) 

Along with their black/navy attire, each student may bring costume accessories in the theme of the animal the student is playing. For example, if a child is depicting a rabbit, he may bring bunny ears. Or, if a child is portraying a frog, she could wear a green baseball hat with googly eyes on the top and a green t-shirt. 

2nd Grade: 

3rd Grade: 

4th Grade  



1.     Isabella:  Seahorse 

2.     Haset:      Seahorse 

3.     Simone:   Dolphine 

4.     Kaylan:    Mermaid 

5.     Royce:      Crab 

6.     Michael:   Crab 

7.     Kamdi:     Lobster 

8.     Emma:     Lobster 

9.     Nickolas: Shark 

10.  Adam:      Whale 

11.  Farrah:     Mermaid 

12.  Sean:         Shark 

13.  Josheph:   Shark 

14.  Nathan:    Leopard Shark 

15.  Nathan D: Alligator 

16.  Daniel:      Orca 

17.  Katherine: Sea Turtle 

18.  Grace:       Sea Turtle 

19.  Isabelle:   Fish 



  1. Redeat: Pig  

  1. Branden: Sheep  

  1. Ruby: Cow  

  1. Sofia:  Mouse  

  1. Sebastian: Mouse  

  1. Sopia: Rooster  

  1. Amari: Pig  

  1. Luke: Pig  

  1. Logan: Pig  

  1. Peter:  Sheep  

  1. Paul:  Sheep  

  1. Jayden: Sheep  

  1. Lilly: Sheep  

  1. Kali: Cow  

  1. Aidobe: Cow  

  1. Jesse: Bull  

  1. Johnathan:Bull  

  1. Baba: Bull  

  1. Christelle: Puppy  

  1. Brooklyn:  Puppy  

  1. Patrick: Chicken  

  1. Collin: Bull  

  1. Halsten: Bull  

  1. Nwanado:  Horse  

  1. Isabelle:  Horse  

  1. Nico:  Pig  

  1. Patricia:  Puppy  

  1. Christopher: Puppy  

  1. Abby:  Horse  

  1. Kayden:  Bull  

  1. Addie: Puppy  



  1. Zimka: Fox  

  1. Quinn: Beaver  

  1. Conor: Hedgehog  

  1. Afomia: Rabbit  

  1. Gus: Mouse  

  1. Bemnet: Mouse  

  1. Claire: Mouse  

  1. Hannah I: Mouse  

  1. Hannah K: Cat  

  1.  Rowen: Cat  

  1.  Favor: Bird  

  1. Noah: Black Bird  

  1. Lillian: Blue Bird  

  1. William: Dog  

  1. Sophia: Wolf  

  1. Raya: Dog  

  1. Darya: Dog  

  1. Katherine: Moon  

  1. Janine: German Shepard  

  1. Nishka: Turtle  

  1. Sabrina: Deer  

  1. Jayden: Fox  

  1. Shreya: Wolf  

  1. Camryn: Rabbit  

  1. Isabella: Rabbit  

  1. Giselle: Deer  

  1. Petros: Squirrel  

  1. Brian: Dog  



Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade don't need to bring the black/navy costumes. Please feel free to e-mail with questions.

Tuition Assistance

The state of Maryland offers financial tuition assistance for private education through the BOOST program. Here is the link to the application, which is open until May 21. Please apply if your children would be eligible for free or reduced lunch, according to the income guidelines below.

income cutoff.JPG

Timeline for 2018-19 Registration & Tuition Agreements 

Jan. 28 to March 19           Registration Period 

March 30                            School Budget & Tuition Set for 2018-19 

April 13                              Tuition Agreements Sent to Registered Families  

May 11                               Agreements Accepted by School Families 

May 21-29                          Late Agreement Fee $100 

May 29 to June 15             Late Agreement Fee $250 

June 15                               All financial accounts must be paid in full 

July 1                                  First payments for those with 12-month plans 


Chess Club and Science Club Have Started

Chess club started last week and will continue each Monday to 4 pm. Science Club continues to meet each Tuesday after school.

Great Books Program Gearing Up

Letters to parents of children in Great Books will go home soon.

SJB Summer Camps

If your kids enjoy our after-school science and STEM clubs, they'll love the choices of different summer camps coming to SJB from June 25 to the start of August this summer. Check out this website to learn more.

SJB Summer Camp -- SJB is hosting a one-week summer camp from June 18-22, led by some of the teachers. Camp is open to current students entering grades 1-8. The week includes time to start on the summer Reading and Math work, as well as several other fun activities like Art, Theater, Science and outdoor play. See flyer  for details and registration information. Only 50 spots available. First come, first served! Questions? Contact Mrs. Morris at

SJB Summer Camp.JPG

Class Photos Are Available Online -- Go to Freed Spirit  to order.

Agility and Speed Training Offered to SJB Students

One of our school parents is offering free fitness, speed and agility training to SJB students for the week of June 25-29. Check out the Elite Quality Sports flyer for more information. Elite Quality currently hosts training sessions at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.

doreen may tutoring.JPG


DeMatha Soccer Camps and Academy Tryouts

DeMatha Soccer Academy Summer Camps 

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