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SJB School has reached full enrollment for 2023-24.

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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
12319 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 | 301-622-3076

Principal's Note 6/8/21

This is the last Principal's Note to school families for the 2020-21 school year.

Our last day of school is Friday. It is a half-day with an 11 am prayer service. See more on the Gold Folder page.

The faculty is proud that it was able to serve SJB families with in-person learning and distance learning from day one, excited about teaching with fewer limitations in 2021-22, and thankful for the kindness, patience, and gratitude of the SJB families.

SJB's Bittersweet Farewell to Teachers

SJB says goodbye this week to longtime teachers, Mrs. May and Mrs. Flynn, and to first-year teacher, Mr. Flaherty.

Mrs. May, the 3rd grade teacher and guidance counselor, is retiring after 13 years at SJB and after 30 years teaching in two other Catholic schools, St. Jude and St. John the Evangelist. Mrs. May is available to SJB families for tutoring. Check the Gold Folder for her flyer.

Mrs. Flynn is retiring after 15 years as the Spanish teacher in grades 5-8 SJB. Mrs. Flynn was a school parent here before becoming SJB's renowned Spanish teacher.

Mr. Flaherty, who is finishing his first year as SJB's middle-school religion teacher, is leaving for graduate school so that he can become a certified high school history teacher.

We are grateful to Mrs. May, Mrs. Flynn, and Mr. Flaherty for their service, much of it beyond the duties of teacher, to the children and families of this community. We will miss them greatly. Our prayers are with them and their families as they chart the next course in their lives.

Stay tuned for announcements about new teachers coming to SJB.

Several items including the following will go home on Friday:

  • Summer Info Sheet with directions on where to find summer learning assignments and school-supply lists for the 2021-22 school year
  • School Store Order Form for making purchases from the school store at the start of the next school year
  • Individual end-of-year Scantron scores

A Few End-of-Year Notes:

Look under Parents on the website for..

Donate Used Uniforms to the SJB Uniform Bank

The SJB Uniform Bank is running low on used school uniforms. The school accepts used uniforms, cleaned, folded, and in good condition. 

Save and Donate Your Ink Cartridges to SJB 

The school raises money by collecting and returning used ink cartridges. Please send your used printer cartridge to school instead of throwing it away. 

Updates Will Be Sent When Necessary

The school will communicate with families as church policies take shape, particularly with regard to mixed grade-level events and activities in the 2021-22 school year.

Prayers for Our Community

We pray tonight for our SJB families, our students, and our teachers. We ask for blessings on our wonderful community.


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