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Principal's Note 9/11/18

New Awards For Students This Year

We have decided this year to recognize our students in different ways and for different achievements.

This means we are doing away with the end-of-year awards ceremony in which students were recognized for perfect attendance, getting to school on time, and never getting homework club.

Instead, we will recognize students in an awards ceremony at the end of each quarter, or four times during the school. In grades 2-8, three students from each class will be recognized for excellence, talent, improvement, effort, or perseverance in pursuit of academic goals. 

One student from each class will be recognized for exhibiting Christian traits and character in the school setting. 

Award winners will receive wristbands with the following words: SJB Student Achievement -- On a Roll.

Awards in Grades 2-8

On a Roll Awards will be presented to four students in each grade in the following categories:  

Academics - Math/Science 

Academics - Language Arts/Social Studies/Spanish 

Academics – Art/Music/PE 

Christian Character  

Awards in PreK - 1st Grade

On a Roll Awards will be presented to three students in each grade in the following categories:

Academics -- Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies

Specials Classes -- Art, PE, Music, Computers, Library

Christian Character

There are reasons for the change in our approach to awards. We believe that more children may be more motivated by more frequent rewards. We're concerned about mixed-messages. We will continue to encourage good health and perfect attendance, but it's not OK to send a child to school with a cold. We encourage punctuality and want to reward children for their own effort, but not necessarily for their parents' effort, and getting to school on time is more of a parent accomplishment than a child accomplishment.

We want to recognize effort and improvement, as well as talent and excellence. By holding ceremonies each quarter, we hope all of our students will believe that they, too, can win an award.

In our discussions as a faculty, we avoided the temptation to find an award to give every student every quarter. However, we do want to spread the awards around. Students cannot win the same award twice in a semester, but they can win an award twice in a year.

As we establish the new awards system, we will continue to give students Virtues Cards for their demonstrations of virtues, and we will encourage students to give Virtues Cards to other students. 

We will recognize our Presidential Fitness Award winners and our Patrols at the end of the school year, but in a different setting.

Here's a brief comparison of the old awards and the new awards.


Old Awards  

One Ceremony  

End of Year 

Awards for Attendance, On Time, No Homework Club 

Paper Certificates 


New Awards 

Four Ceremonies  

After Each Quarter 

Awards for Academics, Christian Character, Achievement and Effort 

Personalized On a Roll Wristbands 


Family Flix Image.JPG

Enjoy Picnic and Movie Under the Stars

All are welcome to this popular gathering of families and friends for a picnic and movie on the SJB field. Here's what you need to do:

  • Mark the calendar (a parent's job)  

  • Send your funniest, greatest, favorite, recent family/friend pictures to the Trebel family for the traditional SJB pre-show before Sept. 22 (a parent's job) 

Email to Please note that there's an underscore character in the email address after the 8. Thank you, Kevin Trebel, for volunteering once again to edit the video. 

The order form was sent home in the Tuesday Folder.

  • Coming soon  Vote for your favorite movie during school time (a kid's job)  

  • Pack your beach chairs, blankets, and warm fleece jacket, grab grandma and grandpa on the way and come out to the SJB field on Sept. 28 at 6:30 pm and have fun (everybody’s job!!!) 

  • Family Flix Night is meant to entertain the whole family.  There is no drop-off or pick-up option. There is NO supervision of children without an accountable adult.  

For questions please contact Dianne Branch at  

Register Here for Monday Afternoon Chess Club

Please see the flyer  for the St. John the Baptist Chess Club.

Chess Club Image.JPG

Place October Lunch Orders to Main and Market by Tomorrow

Here's the link to Main and Market.

Please note that Main and Market will not deliver lunches on Friday.


Lunch Note.JPG

2nd lunch note.JPG

School Board Meets Monday, Sept. 17, at 7:30 pm

The school board page has information about the new board and its goals for the year. 

Please Remember to Drop Off Kids Along the Gold Line in the Morning

For safety, we ask parents not to walk children across the lot in the morning. 

Pick-Up -- The parking lot has been re-striped. For afternoon pickup, please park between the lines so that we can squeeze in as many cars as possible. 


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