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Principal's Note 9/26/17

Student Council Candidates Deserve Our Admiration 

All of the candidates for Student Council are to be commended for their courage in running for a position of service to their fellow students, and they deserve credit for taking a risk and , more than likely, losing in front of their classmates and friends. Still, they came out early every morning, campaigned, wrote speeches and delivered them in front of all of the students of SJB.

On Friday, the students voted and, in a very close race, elected the following students to the Student Council.

President -- Riley Langan

Vice President -- Cici Hickey

Secretary -- Carmela Garcia

Treasurer -- Tess Gardner

Congratulations to the Student Council members and to the candidates who ran, including Emma Hickey, who ran for president; Kevin Monge, who ran for vice president; Joanna Dugroo and Stephanie Malits, who ran for secretary; and Mary Clare Hazleton and Theresa Nguyen, who ran for treasurer.

Math Event Was Helpful to Parents

Those who attended the Parent Series event last week said it was helpful to them to have the opportunity to talk with the school's math teachers about the curriculum and the overall goals for the students. Several math teachers provided information and resources to parents and were available for any and all questions.

Because only a couple of parents attended the K-4 hour and 14 parents attended the grade 5-8 hour, we are going to combine the lower and upper school sessions for Oct. 25 the Parent Series on language arts.

That session will begin at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, Oct. 25, with LA teachers representing grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.

6th Grade Off for Outdoor Education

Our 6th grade students depart Wednesday for their big field trip of the year -- a three-day, two-night Outdoor Ed field trip to Skycroft retreat center in Middletown, Md., with the 6th grade students of St. Bartholomew in Bethesda. We hope our students have a memorable adventure, make new friends and deepen their current friendships. This is a real 6th grade highlight. We pray for their safe journey.

Skycroft -- Our 6th Graders' Destination

Skycroft Overhead.JPG

Family Flix a Huge Success 

With perfect weather and a great turnout, Family Flix was a big success.

We wish to thank our organizers, Astrid Diaz (Sebastian 6thand Emerson Branch (Logan 3rd, Sydney 8th), for all of their work in coordinating and setting up our annual outdoor theater and picnic event. 


Thank you, also, to Kevin Trebel (Katelyn 5th), who spent many hours collecting photos and clips and editing the always-popular SJB home movie, which was played before the main event. Mr. Trebel wanted to send his apologies to the kids (and their parents) whose photos didn’t make it into the final slideshow. We'll try harder to get them all in next year. I'd like to note that an incorrect email address for Mr. Trebel was forwarded to some parents in one class, but the mistake was not made by Mr. Trebel. This was an inadvertent error in communication which we'll try to monitor and correct.

The Diaz and Branch families wrote a "thank you" note to the many families that supported the event, provided food and worked during Family Flix. 

We greatly appreciate the generosity of the following families who donated baked goods for sale: Caslani (Farrah 2nd), Conlon (Matthew 5th, Joseph 2nd), Gomez (Sophia 6th), Green (Rowen 4th, Noah 1st), Haskell (Bridget PK), Hippchen (Nick 7th), Lappin (Colin 3rd, Ava 1st), Lombardo (Jonathan 3rd, Theodore K), Margiotta (Anthony 6th, Nico 3rd), McCabe (Patrick K), McElwee (Sophia 4th), Nguyen (John 5th), Ober (Caitlin 7th), O'Hara (Kristen and Lauren 6th), Oladotun (Yemi 7th, Adeola 5th, Babtunde 3rd, Wale K), Pham (Emma 2nd, Sophia PK), Quintanilla (Andrea 7th), Schnell (Grade 2nd), Spencer (Alicia 1st, Saria PK), Tankoua (Janine 4th).

We cannot thank the families enough who contributed to the "village of helpers' to make Family Flix a great success:

Amador (Isabella 5th, Sebastian 3rd), Barbarena (Kristian 5th, Branden 3rd, Audrina PK), Cunningham (Micha 7th), Gardner (Tess 8th, Jillian 6th), Gomez (Sophia 6th), Green (Rowen 4th, Noah 1st), Hippchen (Nicholas 7th), Irwin (Hannah 4th, Vincent K), Lombardo (Jonathan 3rd, Theodore K), Ngo (Hoa 1st, Ben), Ober (Caitlin 7th), Palmer (Robert 5th), Regan (Madelyn 1st), Schnell (Grace 2nd), Smith (Langston K), Trebel (Katelyn 5th), Uduebor (Annetta 5th).  If we missed a name or two, please be forgiving...

And a special thank you to Sydney, Logan, and Sebastian!

-- the Diaz and Branch family.

Mrs. Diaz noted that baked good that didn't sell have been stowed away in the freezer for a rainy day.

Please Complete Family Survey 

Please check your Gold Folder to see if you received a letter and a family poverty survey. If there's one in your folder, it's because you didn't complete the online survey, according to our records. We ask that you please complete the paper survey and return it to school tomorrow in your Gold Folder. The information will be a big help to the school, and we're aiming for 100 percent participation.

If you didn't get a letter and survey, it's because you've have already completed the survey online. Thank you for taking the time to complete it and to help SJB secure federal money for our school. 

International Night is Thursday, Oct. 5

Here is the flyer.

int'l night.JPG

Folding Chair -- If you left a folding chair here during Friday's Family Flix, please contact the school office. 

Science Club -- Please see the flyer for the after-school science club. Registration is open. It starts Oct. 10.

 Science Club Snip.JPG

After-School Coding -- Scratch Club is back. Here's the flyer for our after-school coding group.

Scratch Coding.JPG

Tennis -- Please see the flyer about an after-school tennis program hosted by some of our SJB parents. They walk with the kids over to the White Oak tennis courts and then bring them back to SJB after school. 

Sacramental Preparation -- Please see the Sacramental Preparation information sheet.

Altar Server Preparation -- Please look over the information on becoming an altar server. Training will begin in early October. If your child is interested (and in grade 4 to 12), please contact Anne Thomas (e-mail or  text 301-908-7522) or Susan DeCamp (call the parish office at 301-622-1122).

Chess Club Cancelled -- Unfortunately, we did not get enough interest to keep chess club going.











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