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Parent-School Leadership Restructuring

Feb. 4, 2018

Nominations Sought

We are seeking nominations and volunteers for service on the new School Advisory Board. Here is the nomination/volunteer form.

Dec. 15, 2017

Restructuring is Approved

Thank you to all of the parents who participated in the vote for the restructuring plan. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of the proposal to combine the School Advisory Board and Home and School Association to improve the efficiency of the parent-school organization.

Nov. 30, 2017

Update on Consolidation Plan

The committee structure at the bottom of this website has been updated with more specific guidelines for the Treasurer and Evaluation Committee.

Nov. 14, 2017

Based on feedback that we have received from SJB parents, we have created an additional Evaluation Committee and new responsibilities and guidelines for the school board treasurer.

As envisioned, the Evaluation Committee could examine the school’s performance in specific areas, as directed by the board, and would provide an annual report of the performance of the school advisory board. The committee would be able to make recommendations, as well.

The school board treasurer, as outlined in this plan, would have some of the same responsibilities that the H.S.A. treasurer traditionally has had. The school board has not needed a treasurer in the past because the fundraising account was controlled by the H.S.A.

With the H.S.A. set to become an arm of the school board, the treasurer would become an officer of the school board, as well.

The key difference is that the treasurer, as outlined in the new plan, would play a key role in guiding the annual budget through the school board approval process.

Here are proposed treasurer guidelines:

  1. The treasurer is nominated by the Nominations Committee and approved by the full board to a 2-year term.
  2. The treasurer has fiduciary responsibility, shared with pastor and principal, of the school fundraising account.
  3. The treasurer is responsible for providing the board, at its monthly meeting, with a monthly report of school fundraising accounts. The treasurer is expected to be available to answer the board’s questions about the report.
  4. The treasurer is responsible for limiting spending to amounts budgeted. Requests to exceed the budget must be approved by the board.
  5. The treasurer is a steward of the school fundraising account and helps to form the budget that will guide the treasurer’s decisions. The treasurer is a member of the board Development and Finance Committee.
  6. No transaction of the school fundraising account may occur without the treasurer signing off as the fiduciary.
  7. In the unexpected absence of the treasurer, the balance of fiduciary responsibility shifts to the pastor and principal. Until the board votes on a new treasurer, the books are to be in possession of the pastor, and the pastor’s signature is required on all expenditures of the school fundraising account.
  8. The treasurer is responsible for maintaining books in a transparent and accessible way.


Oct. 3, 2017

Almost a year ago, we began exploring how our parent-school leadership structure could better meet the needs of the school community.

At a joint meeting of the Home School Association (H.S.A.) and School Advisory Board (S.A.B.), I proposed that we improve our efficiency by combining our two parent organizations -- the H.S.A. and the S.A.B.

Under the plan, the school board (S.A.B.) would work with the principal and pastor to determine the school's needs and goals, and the Home School Association (H.S.A.) would raise money to meet those goals.

The general idea was to get the most out of our parent volunteers and to make well-informed school-improvement decisions.

The proposal received a positive response from SJB parents. Many parents at the meeting agreed that implementing the plan would require more work.

Several parents, including the leaders of the School Advisory Board and Home School Association, agreed to serve on a committee that would work on writing details of the proposal and present it to SJB parents at the H.S.A. meeting in October.

The Transition Committee has been working for several months on the plan and is ready to present it to parents. The plan will be the topic of the H.S.A. meeting on Monday, Oct. 16, at 7:30 pm in the school library.

In an effort to keep our community informed, we have created this webpage on our school website with information about the plan. 

We ask that you look over the information about the new school leadership structure. Our hope is that you will support the proposal, just as the Catholic Schools Office of the Archdiocese of Washington and Father David, our pastor, have supported it.

Under the proposal, the School Advisory Board would have open monthly meetings, similar to the current H.S.A. meetings, and the H.S.A. would continue with its community-building activities such as International Night.

Information about the plan, including any updates, will be posted on this page of our school website. We've included a timeline for approval and descriptions and responsibilities of members of the new school board. If you have questions, send them to, and members of the transition team will do their best to answer them.

pg 1.JPG

 pg 2.JPG

 pg 3.JPG

 pg 4.JPG

 pg 5.JPG

pg 6.JPG

pg 7.JPG

pg 8.JPG

pg 9.JPG

pg 10.JPG

pg 11.JPG

pg 12.JPG


part 2 sab structure.JPG

                     EVALUATION COMMITTEE

  • would examine and report on the board's performance annually
  • would examine the school's performance in specific areas as directed by the board
  • would report its results to the board
  • would make recommendations
  • pg 3 txt.JPG


The documents above are available here for download:

Proposed Parent-School Organization

SJB - Chair and Committee Descriptions.docx



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