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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
12319 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 | 301-622-3076

St. John the Baptist School Advisory Board

Continuity is the Goal for SJB School Advisory Board

Jessica Fitzgerald to Lead H.S.A. in 2019-20

Two members of the SJB School Advisory Board, Merianne Spencer and Janice Hwang, have agreed to stay on the board for another year. Both members were asked to complete their work analyzing the school’s lunch-duty program and coming up with improvements or a new system.

Mrs. Spencer will remain the Public Relations and Marketing Chair. Mrs. Hwang will remain the Government Chair. 

Mary Lombardo will complete the second year of a 2-year term as Development and Finance Chair. Sean Chisam will complete the second year of a 2-year term as Treasury Secretary. Mr. Chisam also served as Treasurer for two years on the Home and School Association (H.S.A).

Before the 2018-19 school year, the school board and H.S.A. were combined into one organization, with the H.S.A. coordinating fundraisers and community events under the umbrella of the school board, which sets fundraising goals and budgets.

In the spring of 2019, the board elected a new H.S.A. President: Jessica Fitzgerald.

In August 2019, a committee of parents and faculty will begin looking at options to our current lunch-duty requirement. Each family must serve 5 lunch duties per year or pay $40 for each one missed; or, a family can pay $150 to buy out of the requirement at the start of the school year in September.

The ad hoc committee will research similar programs in other schools and come up with potential options to the current lunch-duty model. The committee will complete its work in January 2020.

Messages of the 2018-19 School Board

Development and Finance Chair Mary Lombardo:

This fall the Board’s Development and Finance Committee will coordinate with the school’s administrators, teachers, and parents to identify the areas where the students will benefit from additional resources. For example, there may be additional curriculum or technology-related resources from which the students could benefit, as well as additional programs, such as those involving drama, music, or the arts. There may be needed facilities-related improvements, as well as tuition assistance. The Committee welcomes the input of all families. Once those needs are identified and prioritized, the Committee will look at both our traditional fundraising campaigns such as the annual Gala Auction, as well as other fundraising ideas, in an effort to identify the most practical and feasible method of funding the priorities we have identified. Our goal will be able to give the full Board recommendations for the most practicable approach to raising the funds necessary to achieve the improvements that our school community has identified. We welcome and appreciate parent involvement throughout this process and we look forward to working with all of you in supporting the academic, spiritual, and social development of our kids.

Public Relations and Marketing Chair Merianne Spencer:

I am excited to serve as your Public Relations and Marketing Committee chair for the Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 school year. In this role, I am charged with strengthening the SJB parish and school community, improving communication between the faculty and parents, and also in promotion/outreach to potential families interested in SJB. With two of my children at the early stages of elementary school (2nd grade and

kindergarten), I’m a huge advocate for finding better ways to engage new and returning families and communicating the stories, accomplishments and values of our school. I have some ideas for marketing and communication, and would welcome any input and support from you (for both input and volunteer roles). Please feel free to reach out to me with your ideas as we start this coming year at There’s potential to boost Our Parish Times, promote our Open Houses earlier with a more targeted outreach, and improve upon how the school communicates to all of you.

H.S.A. Chair Rachelle Amador:

Hello SJB! One of the things that makes SJB so wonderful is the sense of the community. It’s you, the parents and families that help to create that sense of community, that feeling of belonging. It’s why our children want to spend all their time here, even on the weekends. Whether it’s flipping some pancakes for Breakfast with Santa, or selling some popcorn at Family Flix, or even buying that winning 50/50 ticket at the gala, every one has an opportunity to help create those memories for our kids. As H.S.A. chair, I am looking forward to working with new and returning families in building and strengthening that community.

School Board Agenda 2018-2019

Development and Finance 

The Development and Finance Committee will by November 2019 (tentiativedetermine the school’s needs and wants in the following categories: 

Spending Side 

1. Education 



2. Programs  









3. Facility 

4. Tuition Assistance 

Income Side 

The Development and Finance Committee will analyze the school’s current fundraising model and will research other fundraising models including a direct campaign. The committee will present the board with at least two options and the pros and cons of each option by December 2019 (tentative). 

The committee is working toward the goal of completing a strategic plan by September 2020. 

Public Relations and Marketing  

The Public Relations and Marketing Committee will tap into potential school and parish resources and will work with School Ambassadors and Buddy Families to send a targeted, positive message about St. John the Baptist to potential families.  

The Public Relations and Marketing Committee will examine the school’s current methods of communication and determine how the school could communicate more efficiently. 

Guide Posts 

-- Meet with Parent Ambassador Coordinator in September 2018. 

-- Meet with Buddy Family Coordinator in October 2018. 

-- Coordinate with teachers by November 2018 to promote SJB stories. 

-- Communicate accomplishments of School Board and H.S.A. to school families. 

-- Plan recruit/retain campaign with Ambassadors and Buddy Families by December 2018. 


The Government Committee will evaluate the School Board and its efficiency in its new structure and will recommend any improvements by May of 2019. 

The Government Committee will review the school’s lunch-duty requirement and consider alternatives by July 2019. 


The H.S.A. will continue to evaluate school community-building events, strive to find the most efficient use of parents’ volunteer time, and consider alternatives to the annual spring gala as a major school fundraising event by May of 2019.  

Members of the School Advisory Board

Mary Lombardo              Development and Finance Chair                   

Merianne Spencer           Public Relations and Marketing Chair           

Janice Hwang                 Governance Chair                                   

Sean Chisam                  Treasurer                                                    

Rachelle Amador            Home and School Association Chair     

Martin Lucey                  Faculty Representative                           

Brian Blomquist              Principal                                                    

Father David Brault         Pastor                                                        

School Board Meetings

Monthly at 7:30 pm in the Library

With the H.S.A.


Monday, Sept. 17           

Monday, Oct. 15 

Monday, Nov. 19 

Monday, Jan. 14 

Monday, Feb. 25 

Monday, March 18 

Monday, April 8 

Monday, May 20  

How does it work?

Committee chairs rotate in their roles as meeting chair, vice chair, and secretary. 

The chair sets the agenda and runs the meeting.  

The vice chair runs the meeting in the absence of the chair.  

The secretary records the minutes of the meeting 

Chair of Development and Finance – Mary Lombardo 

Chair of Public Relations and Marketing – Merianne Spencer 

Chair of Governance – Janice Hwang 

Who gives reports? Who can speak?

Board Meetings: The chair will begin the meeting with a prayer and allow up to 10 minutes for each agenda item including the following reports: 

Report of Development and Finance Committee - 

Report of Public Relations and Marketing Committee -  

Report of Governance Committee --  

Report of Nominations Committee (beginning in January) --  

Report of H.S.A. -- 

Report of Faculty Representative --  

Report of Parish Advisory Board representative --  

Report of Pastor --  

Report of Principal --  

Public Forum --  

Who records the notes of the meeting?

Notes about Notes – Meeting minutes are recorded by the designated secretary. Minutes should include the date of the meeting, the names of those in attendance, any changes to previous meeting minutes, and decisions made about each agenda item.   

The minutes should include information on action taken – such as a vote of the board or decision on a course of action -- and should not attempt to capture everything that was said at the meeting.  

The minutes will be posted on the School Advisory Board page of the website. Anyone may request a correction of minutes by contacting the chair. 

How often do committees meet?

Committee Meetings -- Committees are expected to meet three times each year.  Meetings may be held in person, by phone conference, or video conference. Committee Chairs are responsible for the following: 

  • scheduling and arranging meetings in consultation with the principal 

  • delegating tasks (such as data collection) to members of the committee 

  • recording the names of the committee members who attend or participate in meetings 

  • recording the decisions made by the committee 

  • following up on a course of action set by the committee 

  • maintaining and updating a committee file, which shall be passed on to the successor of the committee chair 

Does the School Board have by-laws?

The SJB school board by-laws are based on the guidelines offered by the Archdiocese. Unlike the previous H.S.A. by-laws, the school board by-laws may be amended by a vote of a majority of board members.


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