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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
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Login Card aka Clever Badge -- Each student receives a Clever Badge login card with the Chromebook. The log-in card enables a student to log in to the Chromebook. Using it is straightforward. The student opens the Chromebook and holds up the Clever Badge so that it's facing the Chromebook camera. The student's log-in credentials are embedded in the Clever Badge code. Please keep the Clever Badge someplace safe.

Chromebook Care and Maintenance

Students are responsible for keeping their Chromebooks charged. The chargers should stay home, and the students should bring the laptops to school. 

School-issued Chromebooks are to be used for school-related activities only. They should be used at a table or desk and stored in a safe, dry place. Students should refrain from eating or drinking while using the Chromebooks at home.

If a student-issued Chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged, the school will order a replacement, and the parent will be billed.

The Chromebooks will have to be manually updated at times. If you see the message to update and restart, please restart when convenient.

Adding Wifi & Logging In

The Chromebook requires wifi. When first opening the Chromebook at home, a parent or student will need to add household wifi access to the Chromebook.

After the wifi is working, students will use Clever Badges to log in to Chromebooks. Badges may be kept at home.

If the badge is lost, the student should click “Active Directory” and the student should type the Microsoft Office 365 credentials to log in.

Students may save passwords to websites that they use at school such as Office 365 and IXL.

Google Play

Students will have limited access to the Google Play Store and apps that the school authorizes. Google does collect usage data from the Google Play Store.


SJB has purchased a subscription to GoGuardian to help the teachers monitor and assist students when using the laptops.

Parents may monitor their child’s activity on the Chromebooks using GoGuardian Parent. The GoGuardian Parent app is available in the Google Play and Apple App stores. Once you download the app, you will enter your own email address. GoGuardian will send you a PIN that you will then enter in the app. The app should link you to your child’s account. Please contact Mrs. Irwin if you have trouble with GoGuardian Parent (

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