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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
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Which days do my kids wear their PE uniforms for PE classes?

PE Schedule 2021-22

Kindergarten -- Tuesday & Friday

1st Grade -- Monday & Wednesday

2nd Grade -- Wednesday & Friday

3rd Grade -- Monday & Wednesday

4th Grade -- Monday & Wednesday

5th Grade -- Tuesday & Friday

6th Grade --Monday & Wednesday

7th Grade -- Tuesday & Friday

8th Grade -- Tuesday & Friday


SJB Regular School Uniforms and PE Uniforms


Where to Get Uniforms

SJB has a uniform bank in the Study across the hall from the School Office. Please call the office to schedule a time to visit the uniform bank, and please try to keep the uniform bank in neat order. 

Parents may buy uniforms for the their children from any retailer. SJB logos are allowed but not required. Other logos, such as alligators or polo players, are not allowed.

To buy girls' jumpers, skirts and other items, go to Flynn O'Hara. Tel: 1-800-441-4122 or 301-838- 8958. When ordering online, click on “Your School Store,” log in and enter “St. John the Baptist.” Our particular plaid uniform will show there. Students may wear the polo shirts and sweaters without logos or with SJB logos.

SJB logo polo shirts and sweaters can be purchased through Lands’ End at 1-800-469-2222. The SJB Preferred School # 900079880. 

PE uniforms are sold by A1 Uniforms. Group password: THEBAPTIST

A1 phone number: 1-800-334-2205

A1 address: 4010 Volta Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20722. 

A1 delivers orders to the school, and the school will communicate to parents and send orders home with students.

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The Code

Students are to be in proper uniform at all times. Students wear regular school uniforms on days that they don't have PE. On PE days, they wear their PE uniforms to school. If there are extenuating circumstances, a parent should send a letter of excuse with the child to school. During the “summer uniform” season, students may come to school in uniform shorts or. On PE days during the "summer uniform" season, they wear their gym shorts and t-shirts. The rest of the year, students must be in regular uniforms and, on PE days, come to school in long PE pants and jackets. "Summer uniforms" may be worn before the 1st quarter ends and after Easter. The principal will announce out-of-uniform days. There are rules on what can be worn on out-of-uniform days. For those details and for all the details on what can be worn in all the grades, please see page 31 of the Parent Handbook.

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