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St. John the Baptist
Catholic School
12319 New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20904 | 301-622-3076

Volunteers and Child Protection

Steps for Volunteers Previously Certified with an Electronic Background Check

  1. Notify Martha Kerley (301-622-1122 or  in the Parish Office that you are a school/parish volunteer, that you were previously certified, and you would like to complete your certification by getting fingerprinted.
  2. Make an appointment with one of the fingerprinting centers on this list to schedule your date to be fingerprinted. Request a full scan for both state and FBI.
  3. Bring two government identification documents (passport and driver's license) and this Livescan registration form, which has a reference number specific to SJB, to the fingerprinting center. 
  4. Notify Martha Kerley of the location and date of your fingerprinting so that Mrs. Kerley, the SJB child-protection coordinator, can track the background check.

Steps for New Volunteers

For those starting the certification process:

  1. Create an account on Virtus
  2. Go to Training and Live Training on the Virtus website and select "pre-register for an upcoming live training session" and then register to attend a child-protection training session.
  3. Contact Martha Kerley, parish child protection coordinator, and schedule a date and time to give Mrs. Kerley a completed volunteer application and copies of two government id's, such as driver's license and passport.
  4. Make an appointment with one of the fingerprinting centers on this list to get fingerprinted. 
  5. Bring two government identification documents* and the LiveScan registration form** to the fingerprinting center. Request a full scan for the state and FBI.
  6. Notify Martha Kerley of the location and date of your fingerprinting so that Mrs. Kerley can track the background check.
  7. Attend the child-protection workshop: Protecting God’s Children for Adults. Remember to sign in when you arrive and pick up the Child Protection Policy Booklet before you leave.
  8. Bring the signed Acknowledgment Form from the back page of the Child Protection Policy Booklet to Martha Kerley at SJB***.

* Driver's license and passport are acceptable. Contact Martha Kerley if you have questions about id's.

** Reference information particular to St. John the Baptist has been included in this LiveScan registration form.

*** To Contact Martha Kerley, Parish Child Protection Compliance Coordinator, call 301-622-1122 or email The Parish Office is located on the second floor of the Kazista Center, above the Art Room, Kindergarten, and Library.

Child Protection Certification for Volunteers

To volunteer in Catholic schools, adults must be certified in the Archdiocese of Washington Child-Protection Program. 


What if I am already certified?

Volunteers certified with an electronic background check must be fingerprinted and re-certified to be eligible to volunteer. 

Do field trip chaperones need to be certified?

Yes, chaperones must be Virtus-certified. Certification is mandatory for any adult to volunteer in a school-related activity with children present. Certification is mandatory for any adult to volunteer in a parish-related activity with children present.

What if I was certified before 2013 when volunteers had to be fingerprinted by the Archdiocese?

The parish coordinator has updated the compliance list. About 30 parents who were previously fingerprinted are considered compliant. Contact Martha Kerley to confirm.

For my job, I was fingerprinted as part of an extensive federal criminal-background check. Can my federal clearance be applied to child-protection certification in the Archdiocese?

The Archdiocese requires independent completion of a criminal-background check for child-protection certification. Your clearance for work doesn't apply to ADW child-protection certification.



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