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Catholic School
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Tuition Assistance

There are several forms of assistance that SJB students receive.

Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance

The Archdiocese of Washington offers limited tuition assistance to students whose families cannot afford to pay the full tuition. Awards are based on need and availability year to year. Go here to learn more.

Key Dates:

Oct. 1 -- Applications open for Archdiocesan tuition assistance

Dec. 1 -- Deadline for current Catholic-school students for Archdiocesan assistance

Feb. 1 -- Deadline for applicants to Catholic schools for Archdiocesan assistance

March 15 -- Awards announced 

Financial Aid for Preschool or After Care

Working Parents Assistance and Child Care Subsidy -- Assistance through these programs can help a family cover close to 100 percent of preschool or after-care expenses.

Go here to learn more about subsidies for preschool and after care through the Montgomery County Working Parents Assistance (WPA) program and the Maryland Child Care Subsidy (CCS) program.

Click here for a Montgomery County Working Parents' Assistance (WPA) application.

Click here for a Maryland Child Care Subsidy (CCS) application.

State BOOST Program

Apply here for state tuition assistance through the BOOST program until June 1.


 Md Boos.JPG

A BOOST Award can be used to cover tuition at SJB. Click on the BOOST icon to learn about how and when to apply.

Families may use BOOST money to pay for private school tuition. Several SJB families have received tuition assistance through BOOST. SJB is a participating BOOST school. 

The BOOST Program provides scholarships for students who would be eligible for the free lunch or reduced-price meals program if they were in a public elementary school.


Parish Tuition Assistance

Assistance through the Parish is based on available resources and family need. Families must apply for Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance to be eligible for Parish Tuition Assistance. Without the ADW assistance application, the pastor and principal cannot fairly determine a family's need for Parish assistance. In addition, families must complete the Parish Verification and Assistance Request Form each year.



Where can I learn more about getting tuition assistance through the Archdiocese?

For more information, go to the Archdiocese of Washington Tuition Assistance page, or go to and click on the "Financial Aid Assessment."  If you have a TADS account, go to the Financial Aid section.

How many families receive assistance from the Archdiocese each year?

Many families at St. John the Baptist have sought and received tuition assistance from the Archdiocese of Washington. Last year, 41 students received $39,620 in assistance. Assistance of $28,000 has been awarded to SJB families for next year.

How is Archdiocesan tuition assistance determined?

Decisions on awards are made at the Archdiocese and based on family need and availability of assistance.

Is the application lengthy?

Completing the Archdiocesan tuition assistance application does take a little time. Financial information must be entered, and the application is audited by an independent evaluation team that sometimes sends follow-up questions for clarification. 

When is Archdiocesan tuition assistance awarded?

Awards are announced in mid-March and made available directly to SJB on behalf of the student early in the following school year.

Does the parish offer assistance?

About $20,000 in tuition assistance is available through the parish each year. It is our policy is that a family must apply for Archdiocesan tuition assistance to be eligible for parish tuition assistance.

How is parish assistance determined?

The school asks all school families to verify that they are Catholic parishioners during re-registration from January to April. By verifying parish membership, a family becomes eligible for the lower Catholic tuition rate. By checking the request on the same form for the sibling-discount, a family with multiple children becomes eligible for the lower tuition rate for each child. There is also a place on the form where families may make a request for tuition assistance.
The request for additional assistance is taken into consideration by the pastor and principal in several meetings in April and May. The following factors are considered:
* completion of application for Archdiocesan assistance
* availability of parish assistance
* family need
* unmet need 
* particular circumstances, such as illness of a parent
* temporary hardship
* school/parish involvement


When is parish assistance awarded? 

We notify the families of grants, scholarships, and parish assistance over the following months —  May to July -- and the awards are applied in the form of tuition credit in the upcoming school year.
What is the source of parish assistance?
Money is raised by the Home and School Association, and grants are established by individual parish and school supporters.

REMINDER 1 -- Parents must apply for Archdiocese of Washington Tuition Assistance to be considered for parish assistance. Without the application, the parish cannot fairly determine need.

REMINDER 2 -- The Parish Assistance and Verification Form must be completed and returned to the school office in order to be considered for parish assistance. 

Tuition Assistance for Preschool Students

Go here for information on tuition assistance for families with children in licensed child care programs, which includes the SJB preschool. 



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