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Digital Library

St. John the Baptist School participates in the MDK12 Digital Library Project which is a partnership of Maryland public school districts and participating nonpublic schools. The goal of the project is to form a statewide purchasing consortium to ensure cost-effective access to appropriate electronic resources for all students.

In order to use electronic resources as instructional tools in the classroom, for use at home, and to be copyright compliant, our school subscribes to many online resources. Without participation in the consortium, however, it would not be possible to afford access to all these services. It is important that St. John’s parents and students support this partnership through learning about the resources, encouraging use at home, and helping support use of appropriate sites and, in general, responsible internet use at home.

Below is the list of online services to which our school subscribes through the MDK12 Digital Library. These are managed by the library. There are other resources as well. You may connect to the services below by using the home access codes attached to Tuesday notes home at the beginning of the year. Please keep these instructions near your computer for easy access.



Scholastic Go! (formerly Grolier Online):

SIRS: Knowledge Source; Discoverer; and Decades:

World Book:

SJB Online Reading Room

SJB adheres to BrainPOP's Privacy Policy.


Checkout  The person whose name appears on the checkout record is the person responsible for the book. To avoid confusion, library items should never be shared or exchanged with others. 

 Handling materials  Care and respect should be given to all library property. Books should be neither handled roughly nor written in. Magazines should not be written in, and special feature inserts may not be removed or mutilated. If materials are returned in damaged condition, a fee may be assessed. Library books should be kept separate from public library books to avoid returning to the public library. Children engaged in the care and return of books should embrace the opportunity to be active participants in respect, responsibility and consequence. 

 To distinguish from public library books, SJB books have the barcode and date due slip positioned on the lower left corner of the front cover. If a book is considered lost an effort should be made by parent and child to look at home as well as the classroom. If a book is returned to the public library an effort should be made to retrieve it before reporting it lost.

Courtesy  In addition to acceptable school behavior, quiet should be observed in the library at all times so others may work. 

Fines and Replacement Costs  Fees are due as soon as assessed. Fine notices are sent home once per week in the Tuesday folder. Notices can be returned in the folder with payment either taped on in an envelope clearly marked with the student’s name and “Library.” Students cannot borrow books until all fees are paid. 

 Hours  The library schedule is determined at the beginning of each year and is posted outside the library door. The SJB library is generally open during regular school hours. 

 The Collection  The SJB Collection consists of more than 10,000 items, including easy, fiction, nonfiction and reference books, periodicals, professional, and audio-visual materials The reference section includes atlases, almanacs, thesauruses, dictionaries, and circulating and non-circulating encyclopedias. 

Stories and poems written by SJB students are collected in a creative writing book, which is kept by the library.

Cover Creative Writing.JPG

Coding  A color coding system is used to help identify certain reading levels. Students are not necessarily restricted to these levels. 

Green – Grades K-2 (easy picture books and non-fiction) 

Blue – Grade 3 (beginning grade 3 fiction and non-fiction) 

Yellow – Grades 5-8 (fiction and non-fiction) 

Red – Grades 7 & 8 (young-adult fiction and non-fiction) 


Gold Stars -- Caldecott and Newbery medal winners 

Red Stars – Honor Caldecott and Newberry winners  

Library Procedures 

Two categories can appear on weekly notices that are sent home from the library: 

1) Library materials (indicates overdue) 

This is a request to return the book(s) listed. [After a book is checked back into the library the automated system calculates a fine (see #2)]. 

2) Unpaid fines (indicates fines) 

This means the book(s) listed has/have been returned. This is a request to pay the amount listed based on the number of days the book was late. 

Weekly Borrowing periods and limitations: 

Kindergarten  some in-school borrowing at teacher’s discretion; maximum of one book at any given time 

Grades 1 & 2  maximum of one book at any given time for enjoyment

Grades 3 & 4  maximum of two* books at any given time for enjoyment

Grade 5-8  maximum of three* books at any given time for enjoyment 

Books and Magazines  2 weeks/renewable unless on reserve 

Encyclopedias (circulating)  overnight/renewable daily unless on reserve 

Parents – may borrow through their children’s library card(s) (kept in the library) except seasonal items at times of peak use in school. 

Returns – drop slot at the circulation desk just inside the library is the only official return for all students; white classroom crates (in Grades K-4 only) help consolidate daily returns 

Renewals – allowed, with a limit of three renewals 

Reserves – as needed for popular items or for research projects 

Fines – 10 cents per day/per book that school is in session. Fines are not excused for routine absences, but are excused for snow days or other all-school emergencies. 

Replacement costs – also posted outside the library door and on the school website 

Paperbacks - $9.00 

Hardcover - $19.00 or cost of replacing the book 

Refunds of replacement costs are made if a book is eventually found minus any accrued fines. 

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